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Why Sigma Beta Rho?

Reasons to choose Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity


Sigma Beta Rho is an organization that builds leadership. Part of this is encouraging all of our members to secure leadership roles within their community, university, and fraternity. We are a leadership organization at our core.

Academic Success

We impose the requirement of academic excellence from the moment all our members initially show interest in Sigma Beta Rho. We require all collegiate charters to establish academic support systems each other their respective members.


Starting as a small regional organization, the strong ties of brotherhood are something we have maintained as priority, with this bond growing with our present-day nation-wide network.

Join Sigma Beta Rho

If you are interested in Join over 3000 members at over 50 universities nationwide, please complete the form below, and one of our members will be in touch with you soon. If Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity is not yet established at your school, let us know, and we will work with you and your university to help you establish a colony.

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