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Chapter Safety Officer

Chapter safety officer guidelines

Effective 1 August 2020

Every Chapter is required to have a Chapter Safety Officer (CSO). Information on this appointment will be collected via Internal Accreditation System (IAS) Reporting. Failure to have a CSO will result in the Chapter being placed on an Operational Hold until such appointment is made, and the responsibility is understood.

The responsibility of a Chapter Safety Officer (CSO) is defined as the following:

• Serve as the prime authority regarding chapter adherence to Sigma Beta Rho’s National Risk Management Policy at any event (internal or external

• Serve as the Chapter Level Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC). Per this capacity, the CSO must be prepared to receive allegations and claims pertaining to Sexual Misconduct by the members of their Chapter.

• As a SARC, when receiving reports (from brothers and non – brothers) the CSO MUST report the incident to the National SARC ( within 24 hours of the initial report. Incidents reported directly to the CSO-SARC are not to be disclosed to anyone (including the chapter and other Brothers) and are to go directly to the National SARC. This is for the privacy and peace of mind of the reporter and the legal liability of the organization.

• As a SARC, the CSO reserves the right to file a report to the National SARC regarding passive membership bystanders. I.e. if the SARC witnesses or receives evidence of a member being a complicit bystander to sexual misconduct – they have a duty to report this to

• When a Chapter is holding any event involving the serving of alcohol, the CSO needs to be present and exhibit complete sobriety from ANY substance. This CANNOT be delegated for external events under any circumstance. The CSO reported via IAS will be the external facing CSO for the entirety of the year. For internal events, the CSO may delegate responsibility upon the approval of the Chapter President.

• Prior to the start of an external event, the presence of the CSO shall be announced and the CSO should remain at the venue, accessible, and easily identifiable at all times. A sanctioned external event cannot convene or proceed without the presence of a CSO. No exception.

• The CSO reserves the right to end an event at any time if believed to be in violation of the National Risk Management Policy or if they are told / witness ongoing Sexual Misconduct at the event. This is non – negotiable. Failure to abide by the order of the CSO in this scenario will result in the CSO immediately notifying their School’s Student Conduct/Title IX Hotline and the National Executive Board. For all intents and purposes this event immediately becomes unsanctioned.

The National SARC is

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